ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – He was let out after leading deputies on a dangerous and violent chase. Then, he didn’t show up to court. When he ran into a deputy last month, he tried another disappearing act. Bernalillo County deputies end up catching him and finding something on him that sends him right back to jail.

Deputy: He’s not in the bathroom.

On September 15, a Bernalillo County deputy saw a man get out of a white Mercedes at a gas station near 98th and Coors. The car had an expired registration and insurance.

The man who was in it walked into a store and never came out. Deputies track him down across the street.

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Deputy: “You have any weapons on you? No? What do you guys got going on?
Gonzales: “I got a gun on me.”
Deputy: “You, got a gun on you? Ok. Don’t move.”

That’s Rudy Gonzales, who explains he didn’t want another run-in with deputies. Gonzales was previously involved in a chase in December of 2021. Back then, deputies spotted Gonzales driving erratically and tried to get him to pull over, but he hit the gas.

Deputies say he drove into oncoming traffic and blew through traffic lights. Tearing through a neighborhood near Gibson and Delgado, Gonzales refused to get out of the car.

A sergeant pulled him out. After Gonzales was arrested, he tried to make amends.

Nearly two years since that chase, Gonzales was arrested in September, for a warrant tied to the 2021 car chase. Facing jail again, he had one last message for his girlfriend. “I know I am going to prison because I have my gun on me,” said Gonzales. He will face a judge on Tuesday for a hearing on his conditions of release.