ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Owners of businesses in a busy area of the Northeast Heights, say they wouldn’t be surprised if the same thief struck again overnight. They say he’s hit at least five businesses this past week, and they’re hoping the video will help catch him.

“So it was very unfortunate he did both of those businesses, you know, within probably 24 hours or less.”

Another Albuquerque business hit by the crime problem in the city…this time a medical clinic near the busy area of San Pedro and Paseo Del Norte.

“So our business was hit early in the morning, and you know, most thieves do come at night.” The doctor didn’t want to give his business name but shared a video showing the suspect breaking in through the roof. Photos and video show how he crawled through the air ducts and climbed out of the ceiling.

“So he hit our business around three in the morning, was in the building for almost about an hour, we have him on camera footage.”

He stole video equipment, expensive sunglasses, and a safe from one of the doctor’s office. He says sensitive patient information was not taken. The video showed the burglar who left out the front door, rolling a chair out full of stolen stuff, then loading it up in a stolen car that was taken the day before from another business down the road.

“He came in through our….skylight. And he used one of the other businesses ladders that’s attached to our business,” said another victim. “He decided to come back 30 minutes later, and break into our neighbor’s business as well and took a backpack and some of their tools as well.”

Police tracked down the stolen car Wednesday, but they still haven’t found the crook. Business owners in the area believe the same crook is connected to at least five burglaries in the area, three of them happened over the weekend. The businesses hope the community can help.

“I will tell you that as business leaders, that love our great team and our great state, we need to stand together, be true neighbors look out for each other, we’re not going to tolerate this.”