Man allegedly robs restaurant, makes own food


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque man went into a fast-food restaurant, told the employees they were being robbed, then proceeded to make his own food.

According to a criminal complaint, 28-year-old Caleb Gatlin walked into the Burger King on Gibson SE just before 8 o’clock Wednesday night and calmly told the employee behind the counter, “This is a robbery, give me all your money.” He then jumped over the counter, helped himself to a drink cup, and hopped back into the lobby.

That’s when the complaint states the manager called the police and Gatlin started making food in the kitchen. The staff waited in a secured front office to wait for the police.

Once police arrived, they spoke with Gatlin and he told them he needed to go to prison, “before he robbed another business.” Gatlin then made a comment to a police officer about wanting to take the officer’s gun from him. That’s when the complaint states police arrested Gatlin.

During the ordeal, Gatlin never once threatened anybody or produced a weapon and no weapon was found when police performed a pat-down search.

Gatlin was arrested for robbery and has a criminal history that includes robbery and criminal trespassing.

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