ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A man accused of spending years evading police after the fatal shooting of an Albuquerque teen pleaded not guilty to several charged Monday. Police say Derreck Flocco opened fire on three people during a drug deal in 2017, killing Martin Recio.

The shooting lead to the death of Martin Recio, 14, who was at the Dion’s near University and Gibson. Recio with with two other who were shot.

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Flocco was identified as a suspect in the shooting in 2019. He managed to evade police for years before being arrested in Los Angeles in June 2021.

On Monday, Flocco pleaded not guilty to shooting at or from a vehicle resulting in death and conspiracy to commit distribution of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids. Prosecutors have filed a motion for preventative detention in the case, which a judge will decide on at a later date.

Flocco will remain in custody until that detention hearing. The hearing is slated for April 25.