CARLSBAD, N.M. (KRQE) – Caught on video swerving all over a New Mexico road, a suspected drunk driver is also accused of bribing officers to let him go. Tyler Handley, 38, was taken to jail by Carlsbad Police, but it’s not the DWI that left him with a felony charge.

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Officers spotted a large truck with Texas plates swerving in and out of lanes. When they pulled the driver over, they say he admitted to drinking and driving.

“I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve been drinking and I’m drunk,” said Handley in the police body camera video.

Decked out in Dallas Cowboys gear and not long after the team lost on Sunday night, officers say they saw Handley pull out from a bar before hitting the road. When they asked him to take a sobriety test, he refused.

“Hey Tyler, would you be willing to do some tests” No?” an officer asked him. “Just take me, man. Just take me,” Handley is heard replying.

However, when the officer does an inventory of his belongings and counts out the cash found on him, Handley makes him an offer. After asking the officer if his bodycam is on, he tells the officer to take the cash and release him.

“Put that in your pocket and let me go,” he’s heard saying on camera. “There’s more where that came from.”

What started as a misdemeanor DWI, instead lands Handley with a felony. “He just offered me $10,000 to let him go,” the officer tells another. “It’s bribery.”

Back at the station, things only escalate. An attempt to urinate on the floor is followed by a struggle to break the cuffs at the table and a few insults thrown at officers.

“We’re all guys here,” Handley is heard saying. “Y’all better than me? You’re not. Look at my salary.”

Handley is from West Texas and mentioned several times in the video that he works in the oil fields. His LinkedIn profile also says he owns a drilling company. This is Handley’s first case in New Mexico, but according to court records, this is his third DWI charge. He’s also faced with the bribery of an officer.