LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (KRQE) – A New Mexico sheriff is in hot water after police say he was caught drinking on a high school campus with volleyball coaches. Now all of them, are facing charges. Los Alamos Police is now responsible for investigating what the county’s top law enforcement official is accused of doing. “I can understand that the community and the citizens of the community are looking for answers,” said Commander Daniel Roberts with the Los Alamos Police Department.

Charges against the Los Alamos County sheriff were filed Thursday. Sheriff Jason Wardlow Herrera is facing a misdemeanor charge of bringing alcohol onto school grounds, and he’s not alone. Three Los Alamos High School volleyball coaches are also facing charges. According to court documents, this all took place back in August at an overnight volleyball team event at the school.

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According to police, early in the evening, head coach Joseph Palmer, assistant head coach Natalie Passalacqua, and assistant coach Bianca Enriquez were drinking in Sheriff Herrera’s SUV.

According to police, security video shows at one point that Herrera left and returned with more alcohol and the adults continue to drink. One witness told police players on the team came out during the night and saw into the vehicle and could have seen the alcohol.

Sheriff Herrera is still the acting sheriff for the county. News 13 reached out to Los Alamos schools to see if the coaches are still with the team, but did not hear back. News 13 also reached out to the sheriff’s department for comment. They did not return our calls.