ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Falling prey to burglars and thieves is becoming a common problem for anyone renting a spot for business in Albuquerque. In one case, it’s now scaring away renters and even leaving young actors scrambling to find a place to rehearse.

Stephen Cuomo has rented a space off Eubank in the heights for a few years now, creating a space for is e-bay items, storage for Santa Fe Fashion Week and a spot for local actors and actresses to rehearse. A couple of weeks ago the space was broken into. In the middle of the night someone threw rocks and a sandbag through a window and jumped in. The thieves ended up stealing a couple thousand dollars worth of items.

For Cuomo it’s not the money that is upsetting him, but the break in trust in the security of the area. “Going forward I don’t feel like I’m safe to leave my stuff in that space,” Cuomo said. He has since moved everything out, but now he needs a new home-base. “Now everybody is kind of scrambling to find different places to do things,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo says he always knew the potential of thieves was high, but hopes landlords will work to find better ways to protect businesses and renters in the state. He listed a few ideas, like bars on windows, security and says in downtown New York, businesses have metal doors that slide down and pad lock at the bottom for security. Cuomo also says whoever broke in has not been caught and the stolen items have not been recovered. He says the break in will not impact fashion week and they are still moving forward as planned in November.