ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Video shows Albuquerque Police Department officers arriving at an underage drinking party back in December after numerous noise complaints. That video shows police were okay with the party. Two and a half hours later, high school student, Jada Gonzales would be shot and killed

Albuquerque Police responded to several noise complaint calls at a house they believed was vacant on La Bajada Northwest on the night of December 17. They arrived at the house an hour after the first calls came in. As they walked up to the house, a loud noise can be heard. 

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In the video, the police arrive and ask some questions. At one point police tell someone at the party, “I don’t care if you party” and “If you guys are quiet man, we’re cool.” 

The officers then walked back to their vehicles, never even speaking to the owners of the house, and left the scene. An hour and a half later police were back at the scene. 

“Initially they were at the party walking around like thugs with firearms, they were kicked out and still were outside the home, and things got bad and there was shooting,” says Judge Lucy Solimon, Bernalillo County District Court. 

That shooting killed 18-year-old Academy student Jada Gonzales. 16-year-old Isaiah Espinosa, 19-year-old Jesse Parra, and 16-year-old Cruz Medina have all been charged with Gonzales’s murder. Parra and Medina are currently being held until trial. Espinosa still remains at large.  

Now Jesse Parra’s attorneys are asking that he get out before trial. Parra’s attorneys say they have video evidence that he did not fire a gun at the party.  

That video and social media evidence lead police to charge Espinosa a month and a half after Parra and Medina were charged. The motion to consider conditions of release is scheduled for early next month.