Clarification below:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The man accused of driving to Kaseman Hospital with three men who had been shot to death took a plea deal. Under the deal, he will only spend a year and a half behind bars. It started in an alley near San Pedro and Indian School in March of 2021.

Court documents say Richard Kuykendall got out of prison and wanted revenge on a man named “Spider” Mike Sanchez. He is accused of recruiting two friends to lure Sanchez to that alley where Kuykendall would ambush him.

Kuykendall pled guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm that day. In the agreement, he admits to being at the scene of a gunfight and having a pistol. Under the plea agreement, he will serve 18 months behind bars.

He has not been charged with murder and those charges may never come. In a motion, the feds previously said measurements and photographs were taken and some forensic testing was performed on the vehicle, but then APD destroyed or otherwise disposed of the vehicle. The motion also states that the feds were not alerted in advance, did not consent to APD disposing of the vehicle, and do not know where the vehicle is now.

Clarification: In a previous version of this story, KRQE reported the feds previously said evidence including photos and forensic testing were lost, saying APD either got rid of or destroyed the evidence. This was referring to the vehicle. The feds do not know where the vehicle is.