Justin Hansen is serving the maximum 18 years for attacking Brittani Marcell with a shovel.

Now, he’s asking the judge to reduce his sentence because it’s too hard on his family.

In a motion filed just days ago, Hansen says his children are suffering. He also thinks he should get credit for the time he spent on a GPS monitor.

He received the maximum sentence for nearly beating then 17-year-old Brittani Marcell to death with a shovel in her home 10 years ago.

“On September 11, my dreams and goals were beaten out of me, Marcell said at Hansen’s hearing in July. 

Now, Hansen is asking the judge to reconsider and shorten his 18-year sentence. In a motion filed last week, he says his family is suffering while he’s behind bars.

“You will always forever be daddy’s little girl, I want you to know,” Hansen said in court before he was sentenced. 

According to court documents, his oldest daughter is taking it the hardest. 

He claims she has been diagnosed with PTSD and is seeing a therapist. 

However, in an Albuquerque Police interview from before Hansen’s arrest, an ex-girlfriend — who is also the mother of one of his other children — told police he’s a bad seed who gave up his parental rights to their child.

“The only thing I can tell you about Justin is he does lie a lot,” his ex-girlfriend said. 

Hansen is also asking for credit for the year he spent on house arrest before his trial and sentencing, arguing his freedom was limited by a GPS monitor and a requirement to seek permission before leaving his house. 

Yet, that monitor didn’t keep him from going on dates to Isotopes games. 

“After I’ve pretty much been locked up for like 10 years and scared out of my mind to go do stuff, while he’s out there walking around like nothing’s happened,” Marcell said. 

Hansen is currently serving his sentence at the state prison in Hobbs. 

“Although it’s 18 years, I personally don’t think that’s enough but it’s a starter,” Marcell said. 

A hearing on his motion is set for Dec. 13. 

In a statement sent to KRQE News 13, the District Attorney’s office says it will fight to make sure Hansen spends every day of his sentence behind bars.

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