A judge ruled the man charged with stabbing a business owner with a dirty needle isn’t dangerous enough to keep behind bars. 

The business owner got emotional on the stand Monday while talking about how scared he is that his accused attacker could hurt him again. 

“I banged on the vehicle really loud and he gave me an aggressive look through the window,” the victim said. “The same look that he gave me in court today.” 

For the past several weeks, local business owner Allen Culp just wanted Shammon Cordova to leave his car lot at Wyoming and Copper. 

“Mr. Cordova and his girlfriend had been sleeping in cars on my property,” Culp said. 

Monday, he told his story to Judge Stan Whitaker, hoping he’d make Cordova stay behind bars. 

After Culp told Cordova and his girlfriend to get off his property last Wednesday, he says Cordova stabbed him with a dirty needle.

“There was blood on the needle. I have no idea if that blood was mine or his,” Culp said. 

Culp is waiting to find out if he contracted anything from the attack, and while Whitaker agreed Cordova is “a danger,” it wasn’t enough to keep him locked up. 

Cordova doesn’t have a good track record of following the rules. He’s been arrested more than 20 times since 2007, and the DA’s office says he has a history of not showing up to court dates. 

“Don’t pick up new charges while this is pending. What a fool I am if I let you out and you continue to pick up charges,” Judge Whitaker said. 

Cordova won’t get out of jail until he completes a drug program, but Culp worries when he does he’ll be right back on his property. 

Judge Whitaker did rule that Cordova has to stay at least a mile way from Culp’s business at all times. Cordova also will have an ankle monitor and a curfew. 

Cordova’s drug treatment program is scheduled to last 30 days. He’ll face a grand jury indictment in two weeks.