ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Joseph Gonzales, the brother of Fabian Gonzales, will remain behind bars until trial. The state asked the court to keep 44-year-old Gonzales locked up after Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office deputies say he shot and killed Abner Antillon in the South Valley in August over an argument about speeding.

Prosecutors showed security camera footage that captured the killing of Antillon and Gonzales’s reaction. Antillon sped by in his truck and Gonzales yelled at him to slow down. Antillon then put the pickup in reverse, stopped, and the two began arguing.

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Antillon then turned around and Gonzales opened fire. “The defendant then walks over to the decedent’s body said f****** dumba**, goes to his vehicle, rummages through the decedent’s vehicle for a short time, then after he’s done rummaging through the vehicle, leans down to the decedent and says and I apologize for my language, now you’re f******* dead dumba**, ” said Christine Jablonsky, State Prosecutor.

The defense argued that what was seen in the video is up for interpretation and says he should be released because he doesn’t have a long criminal history. “I think the defense’s interpretation of what the court sees in the video is just very different than what the state says. I think a lot of the action, you can’t see because it’s behind the truck,” said Maxell Pines, Attorney.

During the hearing Friday, Judge Stan Whitaker granted the state’s motion seeking pretrial detention. “Now you get in a fistfight because well, that’s one thing because you’re upset about people driving fast but you pulled out a gun and you fired off and killed somebody because of it. I don’t know how you could possibly curb that,” said Judge Whitaker. He also said Gonzales’ incredible irrational response draws tremendous concern from him being a danger to the community.

Gonzales’ criminal history dates back to 1999. His younger brother, Fabian Gonzales, was convicted earlier this year for his role in the death of Victoria Martens.