ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Authorities are warning the public of a Chaves County Detention Center inmate who has escaped the facility. Sheriff Mike Herrington posted to the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page that 37-year-old inmate Daniel Cobos escaped late Sunday night.

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The Sheriff’s Office reports Cobos is considered dangerous and anyone who sees him is urged to call 911 immediately. Court records show Cobos is awaiting trial for drug and attempted robbery charges.

For over an hour, no one knew Cobos had escaped from the detention center Sunday night. When authorities realized he was gone, they checked surveillance video and saw Cobos out, pacing around the unit and waving his arms while appearing to be upset about something.

A short time later, he goes into an unlocked bathroom and crawls through a small hole in the ceiling. Cobos ends up over the medical unit and falls. Authorities say he takes a container of needles and makes a weapon out of a mop bucket, then crawls back into the ceiling and makes his way outside. Due to Cobos weighing 122 pounds, he was able to slip right through a gap in the fence.

The Chaves County Sheriff’s office, New Mexico State Police, and Roswell Police were dispatched to the area and began a search. “An interior search of the jail was done first then an exterior of the grounds where it was fenced in and around it was searched,” said Herrington.

Cobos has had several run-ins with the law over the years, with armed robbery charges dating back to 2004. “He was involved in two robberies and he was arrested on warrants regarding that as well as resisting, evading and obstructing officers during that time,” said Herrington.

Herrington and the department are currently investigating the case. He says he is beyond shocked by this escape and that the facility is supposed to be secure. “I believe that that jail is very secure that’s why I’m shocked that he was able to get out of that facility the way that it’s set up, its pretty sound in its structure. I don’t know how you would get out of there,” says Herrington.

Police say if you see him, call 911 immediately.