ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A suspected drunk driver didn’t know when to wave the white flag. New police video shows Nestor Gonzales trying to hop a freeway barrier while handcuffed following a late-night DWI stop. Gonzales was pulled over this summer for speeding on I-25 near Comanche. Police say Gonzales was spotted going 85 mph in a 65 mph zone.

Gonzales: “Is there any way we can figure something out?”
Officer: “No sir.”

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Police say the 31-year-old smelled like alcohol and failed his field sobriety tests. The officer detained Gonzales soon after. After he was cuffed and put in the back of the officer’s SUV, the officer noticed Gonzales’ Suburban was parked too close to traffic. Video shows the officer stepping outside to go around to speak with Gonzales and get the keys from him.

When the officer tried to get the keys from Gonzales, he made a run for it and face-planted after trying to hop a three-foot cement barrier.

Officer: “Oh man.”
Gonzales: “I’m sorry sir. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. This is stupid. I shouldn’t have done that. I hit my head so hard. Oh my gosh, I’m seeing stars.”

Paramedics transported Gonzales to the hospital where he was cleared and taken into custody at the Metropolitan Detention Center. Gonzales is charged with DWI and attempted escape. He has a history of arrests over the past dozen years for domestic violence and a long history of speeding running red lights and driving without a license.