ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Most people have someone in the neighborhood they think is inconsiderate. They have no idea what people in one Albuquerque block are dealing with.

One morning in February, residents inside a home in Ventana Ranch were blaring music and causing car alarms to go off because they were setting off fireworks. After receiving noise complaints, the Albuquerque Police Department sent officers out.

Officers had to ring the doorbell four times before 26-year-old Derek Lovato heard them at the door. “We’re out here, like, every week with you guys. It’s pretty disrespectful, don’t you think?” one of the officers said when confronting Lovato.

Lovato goes on to say he’s celebrating all his life successes and his neighbors should be thrilled for him. “So you don’t care that you’re keeping up your neighbors at three in the morning with music and fireworks just because you’re a success?” an officer asked.

Lovato answered by saying he had no idea who was being affected by his celebrations. “I’m just living how I want to live, you know, is anybody being affected by that?” Lovato said.

One of the officers wrote Lovato a citation for the noise. Lovato’s case was dismissed, at least for now, because the police officer failed to show up to court. Lovato has been written up in the past for street racing, reckless driving, and at least four times for speeding.