Hobbs football player accused of stealing thousands from rival school during football game

HOBBS, N.M. (KRQE) - A group of Hobbs High School students is accused of going after their rivals in a dirty way by stealing almost $5,000 worth of items from their locker room during a football game.

From iPhones to Beats headphones, the Hobbs Police Department says this group of boys stole more than $4,600 worth of electronics from the Clovis JV football team.

According to a police report from the Hobbs Police Department, officers got to Hobbs High School on October 25, just before 9:00 p.m.

On that night, Hobbs was hosting a football game against rival Clovis High School.

The school's security video shows four Hobbs students going into the Clovis JV locker room after all the football players had left for the second half of the game.

According to the public relations officer at Hobbs High, one of those students was a football player.

Police say during interviews with all four students, they each denied stealing from the Clovis team.

On the list of missing items: four iPhones and four pairs of expensive headphones.

The spokesperson for Hobbs High says that football player accused has missed one game and any other discipline will be determined once the investigation is complete.

The school is not saying much else, but they did confirm that the district paid the victims for the stolen items.

According to the police report, none of the stolen items have been recovered.

Police say they do plan to charge at least one of the accused teens. It is unclear if that is the football player.

This is not the first time Hobbs' athletes have been in trouble this season.

Back in September, the soccer team was accused of hazing during an away game in Santa Teresa. El Paso Police were called to investigate. It is still under investigation.


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