RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – Holiday thieves struck in Rio Rancho again Monday morning, but they weren’t just destroying Christmas decorations. Vehicles were also targeted.

Alicia Padilla and her family woke up the day after Christmas to a disappointing site. “My husband woke up to seeing and noticing…wires all over our driveway. And then [I] realize that some of our decorations were missing” she explained. “Just to see these little, you know, quote-unquote Grinch punks going around doing this – it’s so sad.”

Home surveillance video shows someone fleeing people’s yards with Christmas decorations in hand and throwing them into a pickup truck. The next morning, many decorations were found scattered throughout the neighborhood, but that’s not all. 

According to Padilla, several neighbors had their tires slashed. “Really kind of disturbing to see that not only our decorations are getting stolen, and then other people’s tires getting slashed,” she says. “And for what reason?”

Rio Rancho police were called to take the report Monday morning. Padilla says she hopes those responsible for the damage get caught and warns others to keep a lookout. “I definitely think it is a testament to what we’re seeing currently with the rise in crime in New Mexico. I really hope that you know, there is justice for the families that were affected,” she said. 

Rio Rancho police say they responded to several reports of slashed tires and stolen holiday decorations throughout the city. However, there have been no arrests made and no suspects identified. Anyone with information is asked to call Rio Rancho police at 505-891-7226.