ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Six Metropolitan Detention Center inmates are facing new charges for allegedly beating up a corrections officer last month.

A majority of them appeared in court Saturday.

The criminal complaint said the officer feared for his life, claiming an inmate kept punching him before the others jumped in.

Four of the six inmates accused of beating up a corrections officer appeared in court this morning as each of their lengthy criminal histories were read off.

According to the criminal complaint, it was Jose Estrada who punched the officer in the face and stole his radio, so he was unable to call for help.

The officer punched back. Then, a group of inmates, including Zacharyah Ramirez, started closing in and blocked the officer’s escape.

The officer made a run for it. That’s when Brandon Romero and Kenneth Campos both are accused of shoving the officer, but the officer was able to break free and get help.

This follows a history of reported inmate violence at MDC.

In May 2016, inmates reportedly attacked a corrections officer as nearly 50 inmates took over the rec yard.

Later that same year, a guard was hospitalized after trying to break up an inmate fight.

In this most recent case, metro court judge Felicia Blea-Rivera said since none of the suspects are getting out of jail for their previous charges, they will be released on new ones.

The inmates are due back in court for this latest case in February. Their charges include battery upon a peace officer and assault by a prisoner.

Two other inmates, Ronald Johnson and Martin Jaramillo are also facing charges in the attack but have not appeared in court for the case yet.