NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A Tennessee woman who went missing after a cross-country trip with her boyfriend was found safe in California yesterday, May 30. Nikki Alcaraz was found in California, nearly a month after she left on the trip with her boyfriend, Steven Tyler Stratton. During the trip, the pair had a run-in with law enforcement in Torrance County, New Mexico. New footage of their stop in New Mexico has been released.

A truck driver called 911 on May 4, saying he saw Alcaraz get punched in the face. Stratton told separate authorities he was also hit. Footage shows an interview with Alcaraz and the truck driver following the incident.

Following the fight, Stratton and Alcaraz were dropped off in separate locations, with neither pressing charges against the other. The couple was in Arizona a few days later with plans to finish their trip and were last known to be around the Flagstaff area before being seen again in Redding, California.