ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The FBI is looking for a convicted felon they say had dozens of firearms and more than $100,000 worth of suspected stolen items. Detectives are looking for 51-year-old Leonard John Lucero after they found the items at his home and storage unit.

“We have the obvious power tools and things that you would find at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s,” said Raul Bujanda, a Special Agent in Charge of FBI Albuquerque while walking through stacks of suspected stolen items.

“This was something that was a little different and unique on this specific search warrant,” said Bujanda.

On January 4, the FBI’s Violent Gang Task Force – along with APD, Rio Rancho Police, and BCSO – executed search warrants at the home of Leonard John Lucero and four storage units off 2nd St. in Northwest Albuquerque detectives said he rented.

In total, the task force found suspected stolen items including more than 300 bottles of alcohol, TVs, appliances, and power tools. They also found 51 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition, according to the criminal complaint. Lucero, who has three felony convictions, is now facing the federal charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

“We’re looking for him. We’re actively pursuing any leads that anyone might have related to his arrest,” said Bujanda. According to federal court documents, the FBI had help finding Lucero’s stash after learning about his involvement in a violent Albuquerque gang.

“Some of this came from informants, from cooperatives who are now working with us who have been arrested in the past,” said Bujanda. He said this case is a prime example of how violent gangs they go after are related to much of the crime people see in their everyday lives.

“If we say that we have a gun problem, if we say we have a drugs problem, if we say we have a retail theft problem, well that’s very circular, very cyclical because these types of things can be used as a barter system,” said Bujanda.

The Violent Gang Task Force is a newer, independent group. According to Bujanda, it used to be the Violent Crimes and Gang Task Force, until it split into two a couple of months ago.

“For us, we needed to be more specific in what it is that we were trying to target,” said Bujanda. “Because as much as we thought that these things are interconnected, and they are in many aspects, they’re also independent of each other. The more that we can do separate and apart and then work on the connecting pieces together, I think the more effective we’re going to be.”

The Violent Gang Task Force is also the group behind the record 1.1 million fentanyl pills seizure in Albuquerque in September. Bujanda encourages the age-old saying, ‘if you see something, say something.’

“Those small pieces of information, that turns into evidence for us to go after these individuals. It’s important for all of us. So, don’t kind of think, I just saw something, or I was at Lowe’s and I did happen to get the tag of the individual that ran off with a power tool, but I didn’t think anything of it, and kind of stop right there,” he said. “If you start kind of sharing those pieces of information with law enforcement and with the FBI, then we can turn it into these kinds of results.”

The FBI is now working with retail partners to return the suspected stolen items in this seizure. Anyone with information on Lucero’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the FBI at 505-889-1300.