ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The FBI’s Violent Gang Task Force says it has recovered millions of dollars in cash, drugs, and weapons connected to several violent gangs in Albuquerque including notorious prison gang Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico. The feds say several gangs in New Mexico have created a hub here to traffic drugs.

Thursday, the FBI, DEA, and law enforcement from several other agencies recovered at least $3M in cash, more than a million fentanyl pills, 37 firearms, grenades, and more than 140 pounds of meth at ten properties after serving 16 federal search warrants in southeast and southwest Albuquerque. “Just like Brittany Spears said oops we did it again except we do it again, and we do it again, and we do it again. And the whole purpose of that operation yesterday is, like every other operation, is simply to make our communities are staying safe, that our communities are safe,” said Raul Bujanda, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Albuquerque Office.

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Five suspects were arrested. One had federal charges and the other four had state charges. All 15 target suspects have extensive criminal pasts. KRQE News 13 knows of at least two people involved who aren’t in custody. Altogether, those 15 people have been arrested 239 times.

The crimes range from drugs, guns, and violent felonies. The feds say another gang was working with the SNM prison gang to bring in drugs and guns to Albuquerque. The United State Attorney calls this the biggest seizure in his career. FBI Special Agents say with so many drugs and firearms off the street, the community could see less crime. “You’ve taken one big piece out of the equation so we hope that at least in the short term we’re going to see a reduction in crime,” said Bujanda.

Jessie Young, a suspect member of the Surenos 13 gang, was found and arrested at a home on Atrisco Drive Thursday. He is facing federal drug charges. He’s also suspected of being involved in the murders of two SNM members. One of those members was a maintenance man who was killed at an apartment complex on Medeira Southeast. The feds say the maintenance man helped sell guns and drugs in Albuquerque. The search warrant states he was murdered because he wasn’t killing informants.

This is the fifth time in recent years the feds have gone after the SNM prison gang in New Mexico. The search warrant states the gang’s main mission is to kill anyone who tries to testify against them.

The feds say the drugs that were brought here were not only sold in Albuquerque but sent to several other states like Colorado and Oklahoma. The drugs are supplied by the Sinaloa drug cartel.