ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –A fast food joint on Central has had enough after thieves broke in again. Monday morning management at the Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers got a call that has become more and more common. “I was kinda annoyed by it honestly because it just keeps happening,” said a manager, who chose to remain anonymous.

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A thief broke into their location on Central and Eubank. “When I got down here, my general manager was already down here and they did a walk-through. I came in and I saw the drive-thru window busted open,” said the manager.

Surveillance video shows the crook pulling through the drive-thru in a U-Haul truck. The driver gets out and smashes the window before driving off. “I did a walk thru myself and then both of us kinda like snapped because this has happened before so we immediately went to the office we noticed that the safe was gone,” said the manager.

A few moments later, the video showed the thieves returned on foot, one guy jumping through the broken window, and made their way straight into the office. “He got through the office door like nothing there’s a code that you need for the office door and he just went through it,” said the manager.

Once the safe was out of the office, the video showed both suspects using a dolly to pull the safe from the back door and into the U-Haul. “It seemed like he kinda knew what he was going for and it literally only took him like four minutes to get the safe and get out of here,” said the manager.

The thieves got away with thousands in stolen property. “We have to get a new safe and this time we are going to mount it into the floor,” said the manager.

Ongoing crime in the areas is scaring away customers. “They don’t want to come inside, they don’t feel safe to get out of their car so now it’s affecting the business that we’re getting we’re not making nearly as much as we used to,” said the manager.

They were able to get a license plate and serial number from the U-Haul and that information was handed over to APD. The general manager at that Freddy’s location is working with corporate leaders to get a round-the-clock security guard.