ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Thursday, Fabian Gonzales will learn his punishment for his role in the death of Victoria Martens. Victoria was murdered and then dismembered inside her westside apartment in 2016. 

The prosecution and defense have entered what they hope the judge will sentence him to. The state wants the maximum of 42 years, but the defense is arguing it’s too much. 

Gonzales’s attorneys don’t believe the judge should consider this a serious violent offense. If the judge goes with that argument, that will greatly reduce Gonzales’s sentence. At sentencing, the defense says this case was decided from the start.

Defense attorney Stephen Aaorns said, “There were over 500 exhibits and three weeks of testimony. It’s shocking that they came back so quickly, but it’s clear all 12 Were ready from the moment they walked in there. They knew what they wanted to do.”

The defense also claims in this memorandum that when Gonzales is sent to state prison that he will be killed for his involvement in the Victoria Martens case. The defense also brings up the fact that the “real killer” is still out there on the loose. 

The prosecution believes that justice was definitely done in this case. Greer Staley shared, “I think that this is a big moment, especially for the family. I think they feel a sense of justice. We are always hopeful that the investigation will yield this other person that we have charged in the case. But for now, I think that this is a really great result. And so we’re very happy about that.”

Fabian Gonzales’s sentencing is set for this Thursday. Jessica Kelley has already been sentenced to 44 years in prison for her involvement in the case.