ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Another Albuquerque business has fallen victim to thieves. On Sunday morning, $15,000 worth of equipment was stolen from CellarDoor Collective near Wyoming and Menaul.

“This is our home away from home. We’re here so much and to have your business broken into is a very violating feeling,” said Tyson Gonzales, CellarDoor Collective owner.

Items that are now missing include tattoo machines, jewelry-making equipment, a guitar, iPads, laptops, art, and more. The tattoo shop does have security cameras, but Gonzales says they were unfortunately not on when the thieves broke in.

Luckily, their neighbors’ cameras were on, showing someone walking up to CellarDoor’s door around 5 a.m. and quickly getting it open. “The fact that they were simply able to walk in is just a little too convenient,” said Aaron North, North House Jewelry Owner at CellarDoor Collective.

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North said they’ve been at the location for four months and have asked their landlord to change the locks time and time again. “Even though we are in a pleasant neighborhood. It’s so quiet back here. Nothing happens, but then there’s just this out-of-nowhere thing. It just feels like you could never do enough. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s just you live in Albuquerque, so just be ready to be robbed basically,” North said.

According to North, other business owners have stepped up to help the shop offering to lend them machines or sell them discounted equipment. “The community always comes together in Albuquerque and that I will say is my favorite thing about it here. At the end of the day, we really do have each other’s back.”

The owners are asking the public and pawn shops to keep an eye out for the stolen equipment and jewelry. They say they did contact the Albuquerque Police department, but an officer has not taken a report. There are 2 Go-Fund-Me accounts to help with expenses at the shop.