NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – On Tuesday, Mar. 7, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized fentanyl and cocaine on two separate smuggling attempts in El Paso, Texas. The drugs were seized at the Bridge of the Americas Border Crossing along the Mexico/United States border.

“CBP officers remain ever vigilant in their enforcement efforts to prevent illicit drugs from entering our country,” said El Paso Port Director Ray Provencio. “Experienced CBP officers utilize their skill, and various tools and other resources to aid in the successful interception of these dangerous drugs.”

The first drug seizure occurred around 11 a.m. on Tuesday when CBP officers stopped a 26-year-old female as she attempted to cross the border in her car. Her vehicle was screened through a physical inspection and through the use of a canine team. The inspection revealed mixed bundles that included 5.77 pounds of cocaine and 16.31 pounds of fentanyl, according to the officers.

Only a few hours later, CBP officers stopped a second female who was also attempting to enter the U.S. in her car. The 34-year-old’s vehicle was screened through the same inspections as the previous woman’s and officers located 23.05 pounds of cocaine.

The women were arrested by CBP officers and have been turned over to state and local authorities for prosecution.