SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Santa Fe Police arrested two men accused of trying to sell stolen paintings back to their owner. Police caught up with 32-year-old Ian Marlin and 39-year-old Scott Chambers Wednesday.

They believe they were connected to the theft of 20 paintings from a vehicle in a southside neighborhood April 1. After making contact with someone who claimed to have them, detectives set up a “buy/bust” operation to detain them.

Marlin and Chambers were there waiting for them. Marlin tried to flee on a bicycle but police made sure he wouldn’t get away.

A sergeant chased Marlin down and tackled him to the ground. Police recovered 19 of the 20 stolen paintings, worth around $30,000. They belonged to illustrator Gianna Marino and were going to be used for her latest book. They say the bike Marlin fled on was also stolen.

Both Marlin and Chambers are charged with receiving or transferring stolen property.