ESPAÑOLA, N.M. (KRQE) – Days after the shooting in Española, state prosecutors argued that 23-year-old Ryan Martinez, who is charged with shooting Jacob Johns at the Juan de Oñate statue protest last Thursday, was on federal investigators’ radar years ago. 

Appearing again in front of a Rio Arriba Magistrate Court Judge, Martinez faces charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Monday morning, prosecutors revealed new information about what they said Martinez told police after the shooting that took place where a Juan de Oñate statue was set to be reinstalled in front of the Rio Arriba county offices.

Prosecutors are arguing to keep Martinez behind bars while he awaits trial, a decision Ro Arriba Magistrate Court Judge Alexandra Naranjo didn’t make on Monday.

“This court no longer has jurisdiction over your case, and now, it will be transferred to District Court for further action,” said Judge Naranjo.

Court documents have revealed how prosecutors plan on arguing their cases to a District Court judge, saying Martinez admitted to police that he “attempted to commit murder” when pointing his weapon and opening fire at Jacob Johns.

Prosecutors also revealed social media posts made by Martinez dating back to 2018. According to court documents, the posts prompted the FBI to investigate Martinez and interview him in 2020. The feds said they warned Martinez about making threats.

In court Monday, Martinez’s attorney tried to argue for his release from jail.

“As of 11 o’clock this morning, it had not been filed, they failed to meet the 24-hour deadline. We’d ask the court to set conditions of release,” said Defense Attorney, Jennifer J. Burrill, but the judge denied the request.

Court documents indicated prosecutors are considering the possibility of other charges against Martinez including reckless driving after the shooting, even possible child abuse for the shooting.