ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  A repeat offender who is tied to as many as 80 burglaries in the Albuquerque metro has been arrested again. This time he’s accused of breaking into cars while wearing his ankle monitor. The District Attorney wants to keep him behind bars.

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“Honestly, no one here was surprised. No one here was in any way shocked that we picked up this individual again,” said Bernalillo County District Attorney Raul Torrez.

Accused serial burglar, Jesse Mascareno-Haidle is in trouble again. The 19-year-old is accused of breaking into cars at Rio Grande High School earlier this week. When police confronted him, they say he ran.

Court documents say he was wearing an ankle monitor at the time. “If this is the highest form of supervision, why didn’t we get an immediate alert when he broke a zone that he was supposed to be within or a time limit he was supposed to abide by,” asked Torrez.

Mascareno-Haidle has been charged in three home burglaries but has confessed to more than 20 and is believed to be linked to about 80 home break-ins in Albuquerque last year.

In some of the cases, the homeowners were in the house asleep. “They had broken into our house in the middle of the night while we were sleeping- they had walked past my mother’s door,” said Heather Ferguson in April, whose home was burglarized.

“Again, we have argued to have this person detained twice before,” said Torrez.

One attempt to keep Mascareno-Haidle detained made it to the state’s Supreme Court, but the state’s highest court decided to let Mascareno-Haidle out of jail. The justices said prosecutors did not make a convincing case to keep him locked up. Torrez says he wants more answers on what pretrial services are when an offender is let out before trial.

“What does that really mean? If he’s at a high school where he’s not a student, in the middle of the day, breaking into cars, where else has he been? What else has he been doing?” asked Torrez.

He is also asking what it will finally take to keep repeat offenders behind bars. “We find ourselves in a situation where unfortunately he is not the only defendant that we have that we have to move to have detained multiple times,” Torrez said.

Torrez is asking pretrial services for all the GPS records on Mascareno-Haidle to see where he’s been while out. His pretrial detention hearing is set for Monday, Nov. 1, but Torrez wants it to be postponed until he gets a look at those records.