Convicted bank robber accused of robbing two Albuquerque credit unions

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - In 2015, James Patrick Verdream was convicted of robbing an Albuquerque credit union, and after he served time police say he went right back to his old ways.

According to FBI spokesperson Frank Fisher, Verdream robbed a Nusenda Credit Union on Montgomery and Pennsylvania on March 9.

There, authorities say, he demanded money from the cashier and then got into a silver Nissan Sentra with a woman with red hair behind the wheel.

Authorities say just five days later on March 13, the same duo was seen canvassing three other Nusenda Credit Unions across the metro.

That evening, authorities say Verdream also robbed the Rio Grande Credit Union.

The next day, U.S. Marshals arrested Verdream on a federal probation violation charge. He was also charged with both robberies.

Authorities say the woman with red hair behind the wheel is 35-year-old Rhonda Quintana. She told authorities she works for an Albuquerque cab company and didn't know why Verdream kept asking her to take him to so many banks.

However, authorities searched Quintana's phone and found text messages between her and a friend that say otherwise.

The text messages read:

Friend: "Oh yeah that guy u take to banks robbed them."

Quintana: "I know he robbed them he told me."

Quintana was charged with aiding and abetting in connection to one of the robberies.

So far this year, the FBI has arrested six alleged bank robbers in New Mexico.



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