CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s one of those stories that has people asking who would do such a thing? Security video shows an intruder setting off fireworks in a horse stable. As you can imagine the family that owns the horses is furious. They want the person who did this caught.

Deanne and Renee Guthrie’s Ring camera shows someone climbing into their horse stable in Clovis early Wednesday morning. He’s seen carrying a box of fireworks, lighting them off, and running away. Renee said, “To try to understand the motives of this person to terrorize innocent animals, they don’t deserve this.”

It wasn’t just cruel. The fireworks also started a fire in the stalls putting the lives of 7 horses in danger. “To know someone would do that to something I love. It’s like you wouldn’t want someone to come into your house and do this to your kid or your dogs or your partner or anything,” Deanne said. 

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Now the New Mexico Livestock Board is investigating. “This case right here is kind of different, and nuanced, in that they use fireworks to try to intimidate and hurt this horse,” said Shawn Davis, Deputy Director of the New Mexico Livestock Board.

Davis says this animal cruelty case could land the culprit in serious trouble. “We’re probably looking at a fourth-degree felony there to go along with criminal trespass, which would also be a felony. And so there could be some arson, arson charges come along with this.”

While the horses survived, Renee and Deanne Guthrie worry the horses may never be the same. Renee shared, “They were pretty banged up, but all that’s gonna heal. It’s the mental damage that I’m not really sure of.”

They worry he’s going to strike again. “No one should get away with that. And since he did it now and thinks, he probably got away with that type of thing. Who knows if he’ll do it again,” Deanne said. 

The New Mexico Cattle Growers Association is also offering a $5,000 reward for any info that leads to an arrest. Any information should be reported directly to the New Mexico Livestock Board at 505-841-6161.

The New Mexico Livestock Board says it investigates up to 100 animal cruelty cases a year.