ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Charges have been refiled against Gloria Montoya and her mother Debbie who are accused of burglarizing a house while leaving a baby alone in a car. In March, the two were arrested in a South Valley home that had been unoccupied since the owner died. Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office deputies say the pair were stealing from the home while Gloria’s baby was left alone out in their car along with meth pipes.

A judge dismissed the charges saying there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the women were actually stealing anything and didn’t prove how long the baby was left in the car. Now, charges of burglary and child abuse have been refiled against both women. In the new indictment, they describe the baby as being very red and sweating profusely and argue that constitutes child abuse. They also say Gloria was armed with a machete at the time of the robbery.