TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s a story KRQE News 13 told you about last year. The Mayor of a New Mexico city and her husband investigated for animal cruelty. Months later, those criminal charges have been dropped.

It was a property that shocked animal control officers in Truth or Consequences last September. They were called out for two dogs running loose in the area, and while they never found those dogs, they did find a large kennel holding more than a dozen dogs. Video shows some animals appearing to be malnourished and pictures taken by the officers show the dogs water bowls filled with a green slime like substance.

But it’s who owns those dogs that got those officers attention last year. In the video, Truth or Consequences Mayor Amanda Forrister can be seen coming to the door and saying the dogs belong to her and her husband Lane Forrister.

Officers issued citations for cruelty, care, and maintenance but the Mayor had the officers write the citations in her husbands name, according to the criminal complaint. Those citations were later upgraded to criminal charges against Lane Forrister, including animal cruelty, not having proper permits, as well as failing to vaccinate and license 14 dogs.

But eight months later, those charges have been dropped. Jordy Stern, an Albuquerque Attorney, served as the special prosecutor in this case. He decided to dismiss it on April 4. In a statement, Stern said he reviewed the evidence and considered the efforts Lane Forrister made to comply with the ordinance, saying Forrister has also obtained a kennel permit from the city. Stern said he does not see a reason to refile any charges in the future.