ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman with a history of getting breaks for her many car theft convictions is now trying to find a way out of her latest charge. She’s questioning the credibility of the two Albuquerque police officers on her case.

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Last October, Jennifer Christensen was arrested after reportedly fleeing from the Albuquerque Police Department in a stolen car. Court documents say Christensen and another woman eventually ditched the car and ran, until sheriff’s deputies allegedly found her, with drugs.

Christensen is also tied to an incident from 2016. Surveillance footage shows Albuquerque fire crews chasing her as she tries stealing a vehicle from a fire station. Police say she used a stolen truck to ram into a chief’s vehicle near Station 9. She reportedly hurt a firefighter in the process, but crews caught up with her.

She was given a plea deal and sentenced to just six months.

Then, she was caught in a stolen car at a gas station in 2019. Her charges were dismissed when an officer failed to appear in court.

Now, her attorney is questioning the credibility of the officers in her current case because the Albuquerque Police officers involved have both been criminally charged for DWI while off duty.

Rio Rancho Police arrested APD Officer Fouad Cherair, who gave them a hard time after his silver Ford Mustang crashed into a curb near Westside and Unser.

Officer Donald Correia was arrested after an ATV crash that police say left his wife injured.

Christensen is asking that the internal investigation of the two officers be revealed, claiming her “guilt or innocence of the October charges depends on the credibility of the officers involved in the investigation.”

The state is fighting back. Just days after that filing, Christensen was slapped with a grand jury indictment on the October car theft case to now include drug charges.

“Our office successfully indicted Jennifer Christensen before the Grand Jury on Friday, September 10 for receiving or transferring stolen vehicles or motor vehicles, possession of a controlled substance and reckless driving. We are moving forward with the prosecution of this case and, as with any case, will address motions and issues as they arise,” the District Attorney’s office said in an emailed statement.

APD said Cherair resigned in lieu of termination, and officer Correia is still on admin leave. APD did not address whether the department is concerned about all of Cherair’s and Correia’s cases now that their credibility is in question.