Warning: Video above contains graphic content that may be difficult to watch

EDGEWOOD, N.M. (KRQE) – Graphic new videos show the day a Torrance County deputy thought he was going to die. It happened after a car crashed into a snowy ditch last month, and ended with a hail of gunfire and the suspect dead.

On February 24, a driver lost control in a heavy snowstorm. A woman and her young child went looking for help. The witness says he let the woman and her kid sit in his jeep to warm up. Then, the woman’s mother came and the witness thought everyone was gone. However, the woman’s mother ended up only taking the child.

Later, two Torrance County deputies arrived to find the mother back in the stranded infinite along with Andrew Castellano. The deputies were concerned with Castellano’s behavior. First, he gave them a phony name. Then he started fidgeting with things in his pocket.

The situation escalated quickly.

Deputy: You don’t have any weapons on you, bro?
Andrew Castellano: No
Deputy: Okay, I am just going to pat you. I am going to pat you, you have a bulge in your pocket.
Andrew Castellano: That’s my keys.
Deputy: Don’t reach.
Andrew Castellano: That’s my keys Deputy: Don’t reach again.
Andrew Castellano: Those are my keys.
Deputy: I do not care do not reach again bro because I promise you it is not going to end good.
Andrew Castellano: See I told you it was my keys bro.
Deputy: I don’t know that.
Andrew Castellano: I am not trying to give you any beef bro.
Deputy: I am just trying to make sure you don’t have any weapons. [Gunfire sounds]
Deputy: Don’t F*** move. Do not f*** move. [Gunfire souns]
Deputy: Drop the f****** gun. Drop the f****** gun. Drop the gun let me see your hands. let me see your f****** hands. Do not move.

The deputies then tried to save Castellano but he died. His gun was found near him in the snow. The deputy realized what could have happened.

Castellano was awaiting trial for attempted murder in Las Cruces. Prosecutors were successful in getting pretrial detention. However, his attorneys fought for his release. They were successful on the fifth try and he was released last September.