SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – On Sunday night, friends, and family are mourning the death of high school basketball star J.B. White as they held a candlelight vigil in Santa Fe. More than a hundred people showed up at Santa Fe Plaza to honor J.B. White’s life.

The man who organized the vigil told KRQE News 13 he couldn’t believe this young life was taken so soon. “I always thought I’d get to see you play on a much bigger level,” says Mark Rodriguez. Classmates and teammates showed up at Santa Fe Plaza to pay their respects to their friend.

Many of them spoke of their fond times with the basketball star. One of his friends, T.J. Sanchez, tells KRQE News 13 he was shocked when he heard about White’s death and believes the person responsible for it could not handle White’s success.

“I think it’s jealousy. Someone jealous that someone’s doing so good because he was doing so good in basketball. School, he was going to go to school soon. So, I think it was that,” says Sanchez. The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office has arrested 16-year old Estevan Montoya in connection with White’s death, Saturday evening.

They say Montoya shot him at a house party after the two got into a fight. There was a concern about conflict between the families of the victim and the accused shooter, so Santa Fe Police were at Sunday’s vigil to keep the peace. Luckily, there were no issues.

White’s friends say they were excited to see him succeed with his basketball career. Now, they say they’ll do their best to achieve their own personal goals to honor him. J.B. White’s family plans on holding their own candlelight vigil on Monday evening at Franklin Miles Park.

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