ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A burglar tries to break into a business “Mission: Impossible” style on Super Bowl Sunday. The owner of Cards2Cash on Menaul near Pennsylvania caught the whole escapade on his security cameras. A rope was dropped through the ceiling on Sunday and set off a surveillance camera.  

The suspect tries to crawl down the rope but is left dangling after his shirt gets stuck. After the man falls to the floor, he peeks around the office and tries to then cover his face with his shirt. He then finds a key to a safe and opens it.

The owner of Cards2Cash says he was out of town when everything happened on Sunday. He says they had just closed down the business a few weeks ago to become an online store.

He says this makes him want to speed up the process. “Frustration obviously, it’s hard enough to operate and run a business today and let alone, you’re constantly on the guard for theft and so forth,” says owner Tim Anderson.

Anderson says that the unknown man set off multiple alarms which made him leave quickly. Anderson says the burglar got away with some personal belongings and is glad he has the intruder on video. 

“Now, it’s a little more comical watching the video, but it’s a serious thing. I mean, we’d like to get this person stopped before he could potentially hurt someone or damage other property,” says Anderson. 

The business has filed a police report. The owner says if anyone recognizes the burglar, they should call the police.