ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) says there’s a new scam where callers claim to be from the Sheriff’s Office. Officials say the scammers are using the real names of BCSO staff.

“Several months ago a scam began occurring where the callers identify themselves as a member of our department. They are using actual names of our members,” Kyle Woods, a BCSO Sergeant, said in a news release. “Most commonly it is Lieutenant Week’s name. The scammers indicate that the person failed to show up to testify in a court hearing for which they had been subpoenaed.”

“They have fake subpoena documents that they send to the victims as a proof. They then indicate there is a warrant for their arrest and they need to pay the fine. The victims are then directed to utilize a variety of online payment options such as cash app to pay the fine. The scammers will use pressure tactics to keep the victims on the phone while they direct them how to make the fraudulent payments,” Woods says.

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Example of a fake subpoena. From BCSO

BCSO says the callers are often “smooth-talking” people and may sound authentic and local. The callers also use legitimate BCSO phone numbers.

Jayme Fuller-Gonzales, a spokesperson for BCSO, says if someone thinks they are being scammed, they should call BCSO’s non-emergency number: (505)-798-7000. If they provide any documents you think might be fake warrants, BCSO would like to see the document as well.