ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Bernalillo County Deputies showed up at a South Valley home last month to do a welfare check on the children living there. When deputies arrived, they were greeted by a woman yelling and screaming at them. 

On February 10, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office went to the home of Andrea Sanchez to perform a welfare check. As shown through video and written in the criminal complaint, Sanchez was verbally abusive to them on numerous occasions. 

The criminal complaint claimed the home was not a safe and suitable environment for the two young children living there. 

As deputies talk with Sanchez outside, three unidentified individuals appear from behind the home. When questioned, they said they were coming to pick up Andrea to take her to an unknown location. 

Once officers went inside the home, they found out the children slept on the couch instead of a bed. They also found liquor bottles on the ground, feces, a used condom, and a mattress with urine stains in the kids’ bedroom.    

In Sanchez’s bedroom, deputies said they found numerous drugs and drug paraphernalia. They found more than 61 counterfeit oxycontin pills, fentanyl pills inside purses, and a backpack. 

The room also had drug paraphernalia on the ground that was accessible to the children. 

Andrea Sanchez was arrested a couple of days later after she showed up at her child’s school. When deputies arrived, they found numerous drugs on her including meth and fentanyl. 

We reached out to the CYFD to ask who had custody of the children, but they can’t comment on the case.