ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputies have taken Tommy Trujillo into custody. BCSO says Trujillo had been on crime spree and led law enforcement on multiple pursuits Monday morning.

Officials say around 5:20 a.m. Monday morning they responded to the 800 block of Grecian Ave for a stolen vehicle. Trujillo the went on to steal multiple vehicles and robbed a business with a handgun. Trujillo also led law enforcement on multiple pursuits that had to be called because of his erratic driving endangering the public. BCSO says Trujillo made suicidal statements.

Trujillo’s stepdad, Stan Saavedra, says he was awoken by the news: “His mom called me. Said that the police drove his dad away from his house and let Tommy stay there. He had a knife to his neck.”

Saavedra says Trujillo set his father’s home on fire, stole his father’s truck, and drove it to his home. Once there, Saavedra says Trujillo drove the truck into his backyard shed and wrecked it. He says Trujillo then ditched the truck and hopped into his Dodge Journey and in the process of taking off, rammed into Saavedra’s other truck.

Saavedra says a little while later, Trujillo came back in another vehicle from his girlfriend’s house. He says he then ran into the fence and began driving around Saavedra’s house, yelling threats.

“He’s been on drugs for a while now and we’ve already tried to intervene, get him into rehabilitation and stuff like that and he just gets to the point where he’s going to go and then he just freaks out and takes off again and now this is the culmination of all of that,” Saavedra says.

Saavedra says Trujillo has exhibited strange behavior before, but never like this. “He’s just whacked. You know, his brain isn’t there anymore it’s meth and fentanyl,” Saavedra says.

Saavedra says Trujillo then went to his daughter’s house and crashed into their garage, ruining a classic Mustang inside. Saavedra says Trujillo also robbed his business at gunpoint: “he took off, went to my office, ran into the door and broke the window and the front door with the car–went inside with the gun and took money from the girl that was in the office.”

“He just has destroyed everybody that has cared anything about him and he destroyed us, you know?” Saavedra says, “In my opinion, this whole, his whole journey this morning was an effort to… I feel like it’s suicide by police.”

Trujillo eventually barricaded himself inside his vehicle and SWAT had to be activated. BCSO says after 3 hours of negotiation he attempted to flee on foot. Two K9 deputies released their K9’s and Trujillo was taken into custody.