AZTEC, N.M. (KRQE) – Aztec High School’s Head Football Coach Henry Strauss is accused of getting physical with a female student. Court records say he verbally and physically assaulted a female student.

The altercation occurred on September 2 during Strauss’ P.E. class. Court records show Strauss, also known as Coach Hank, confronted two students after lunch. “Two students went off campus and one of them was a football player and when they returned from lunch, the coach approached a male and a female student,” said San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Captain Kevin Burns.

Captain Burns says the students went to class without incident, with two periods passing by. However, during the seventh period, the complaint states the situation escalated when both students attended Strauss’ P.E. class.

“The coach approached a male and a female student and chastised the female for taking the other male off campus,” said Captain Burns.

Court records show the female student claimed the football coach ripped keys off of her wrists which were attached to a lanyard and threw them. When trying to leave the scene, the female student claims Strauss confronted her once more saying, “Do you think I’m scary now? You have not seen anything,” further telling the student she was privileged and that he could take those privileges away.

After pressing the school district to ask them about the coach’s status, KRQE was referred to the superintendent’s office which said the incident is under investigation.