Investigators say two Albuquerque teens were tortured and killed over marijuana. Now, autopsy reports show just how brutal their deaths were.

The Office of the Medical Investigator reports that these boys were tortured, each ultimately killed by gunfire.

“The bodies that were recovered were tortured, multiple gunshot wounds throughout the bodies including gunshot wounds to the feet and legs that would not have been killing shots, it would have been for torture purposes.” 

In December, 15-year-old Collin Romero and 14-year-old Ahmed Lateef were reported missing. Their families believed the boys disappeared on the west mesa.

Weeks later, Sandoval County authorities found the boys dead in a shallow grave. OMI says Romero was shot nine times. He was also beaten and stabbed in his joints. 

Lateef was shot 19 times.

In court recently, detectives said the teens were killed over marijuana. Police say 19-year-old Stephen Goldman is a suspect in the murders, but he hasn’t been charged at this point.

Goldman is being held at MDC on other charges and won’t be getting out anytime soon after a judge ruled him a danger to society. In addition, 36-year-old Anthony Aragon is charged with evidence tampering in the case

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