Friday in court, an educational assistant accused of strangling his fiance may have hurt his students. 

Police say Jeremiah Lopez strangled his fiance Krishauna Perez in their home last week. 

Investigators say he accused her of cheating. 

Lopez is currently on leave from Mark Twain Elementary School where he works as an educational assistant. 

During Friday’s hearing to decide whether he could bond out of jail, a detective testified she heard Lopez was choking students in the classroom but said she had not looked into the matter. 

“Did you find any information or evidence whatsoever that he had ever performed a chokehold on any of his special needs students?” 

“I have not gotten to that follow-up sir,” the witness said.

“So the answer is no?”

“I have not gotten to that, no,” the witness answered. 

Judge Neil Candelaria kept Lopez in jail because of the murder accusations. 

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