ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Police Department is showing off new technology they say will make it easier to get more people with warrants off the street. Warrants, clearing up Central and retail theft have all been priorities for APD and Chief Medina believes new technology will help with all three. “It’s more than just arresting individuals with warrants. It’s about putting a big puzzle together and getting all of the pieces to match one another and making sure that we’re supporting all of the other entities in the criminal justice system,” said APD Chief Harold Medina.

In a news conference Tuesday, APD outlined the latest numbers for warrant arrests this year. Compared to last year, in most cases each month has jumped up by about 200 arrests from an average of 400 arrests a month up to nearly 600. The department expects the increase to continue as more officers get access to a new tool rolled out a few months ago. That tool is a warrant round-up map designed to show people with active warrants and their last known address as well as what the warrant is for all at officer’s fingertips.

“With this particular warrant database, where officers can click on it and go after that worst of the worst offender, the most wanted offenders who are committing gun violence or committing violent crime in our city,” said Commander Aaron Jones, APD.

Medina says for the first time in recent years, the department is not seeing growth in the number of active warrants. In fact, they are starting to see a dent, meaning they are clearing warrants faster than new ones are being issued.