ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque is struggling with crime cases and that includes a long list of unsolved murders. So the Albuquerque Police Department has created a series featuring cases they hope the public can help them solve. It’s a new video series called the “Duke City Case Files” that will mostly focus on unsolved murder cases.

“We were all going to Las Vegas to celebrate his 21st birthday take him before he would be taken to the Air Force,” said Dolly Romero in a video from the “Duke City Case Files”. Romero opens up about her 20 year-old grandson, DeAndre Garcia.

Garcia was a guitar prodigy and was joining the Air Force but in 2019, his life was cut short. “He was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” said an APD Homicide Unit investigator, Detective Gonterman. “The individuals followed the female into the apartment he tried to hold the door closed to keep these guys out of the apartment to protect the female but they shot through the door and killed DeAndre.”

These are excerpts from a new APD video series called “Duke City Case Files” which will highlight unsolved cases. “We’re hoping that drawing attention to what happened to him and sharing stories from his family about who he was like and what he was like hopefully, someone will see that his family is searching for something, searching for answers,” said APD Spokesperson Rebecca Atkins.

Garcia’s case is the first in the series. The department plans to feature a new case each month. “So far, its been great reaching out to the families, they’ve been extremely supportive of this effort,” said Atkins. “The families of these homicide victims, they just want their case solved, they want to find justice.”

Police hope by reviving these cases, someone will come forward with new information so they can give families like Garcia’s, justice. “I just wish somebody comes forward if they know anything just come forward and let us know, just anything you know will help,” said Romero in the video.

APD said this series will also showcase cold cases they’ve solved and feature technology investigators use to help crack these cases. As far as the unsolved case for Garcia, no one has been arrested. Police have a person of interest but they’re trying to find information on a second suspect.

If you have any information regarding a case featured in the ‘Duke City Case Files’, you can contact the APD Homicide Unit: 505-924-6096 or the Metro Crime Stoppers: 505-843-STOP (7868).