ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An apartment complex that is billed as a “one-of-a-kind living experience,” “The best-kept secret in Albuquerque,” is living up to that expectation, but likely not in the way tenants expected. The property on East Central has become an out-of-control hot spot for crime, prompting constant callouts for police and firefighters. Since January 1st, the Albuquerque Police Department has responded to the Four Hills Studios more than 400 times. That’s more than twice a day.

APD officers know the Four Hills Studios, on East Central near Tramway, well. “This has been a familiar property since I’ve been P.R.T Lieutenant here,” said Shawn Garrett, the Acting Commander at the Foothills Area of Command. He’s been working in that area since 2018.

The officers working in the Foothills Area of Command respond to the apartment complex on a regular basis. According to a call log, this year alone, they’ve been to the property 400 times. Nearly 90 of those calls are disturbances, that could be anything from loud music to neighbors arguing. The second highest reason for APD responses is suspicious person reports.

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APD recently investigated a murder over there, after finding 40-year-old Charles Carter dead inside one of the apartments. Police say 22-year-old Tayven White shot and killed Carter, claiming his sister was being abused by Carter. At that time, APD told KRQE News 13 that the Four Hills Studios is a hot spot for drugs and a hub for the sale of fentanyl pills.

“I would think a lot of that would be the additional foot traffic,” said Garrett. “The unsecuredness of the property brings that,” he explained.

KRQE News 13 asked what they were doing to crack down on the crime there. Garrett says the complex recently changed hands and APD is working with the new owners to improve safety. They’re recommending better lighting, fencing, and security.

Garrett says shutting the complex down is a final resort if the recommendations aren’t followed or don’t work. KRQE News 13 called the management at Four Hills Studios for comment, but nobody answered.