ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The manhunt for the man accused in a southwest Albuquerque stabbing Friday morning has ended. According to a social media post, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office detectives have detained the man. They say once official charges have been released more information will be released.

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a stabbing in the open space area near Woodward Rd. and 2nd St. According to BCSO, the victim was a woman who was walking or jogging in the area. She was stabbed multiple times, her condition is not known.

They say the attack was random and unprovoked. “At this point, deputies believe the stabbing happened on the Bosque Trail where he actually drug her into the water and witnesses intervened at that point and contacted deputies. I don’t have additional info other than deputies there, they applied chest seal wound and she was transported via ambulance and there were people in the area that assisted and tried to help her out as well as calling dispatch,” said Jayme Fuller, PIO, BCSO.

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One of those witnesses snapped a picture of the suspect before he fled which showed him leaving the area on a scooter. BCSO says a short time after the stabbing a fire was started in the area. Witnesses told them the suspect who lit the fire is the same suspect from the stabbing.

On a social media post, BCSO shared with the man’s picture, people have been commenting saying they’ve encountered him before. He’s known to carry a knife or machete and has been violent with random people, in businesses out on the street, and in the Bosque. The incident has people on edge. “Does it make you feel concerned about your safety out here? Absolutely but I think crime is everywhere it doesn’t matter where you are as can’t be scared every moment of every day,” said Alyssa Quesada, Bosque visitor.

Anyone with information is asked to contact BCSO dispatch at (505) 798-7000