ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It was a terrifying morning for shoppers at the Walmart Neighborhood Market near San Mateo and I-40 on Tuesday. Former KRQE anchor, Dick Knipfing, described the chaotic moments as bullets went flying after a shoplifter ran from the Walmart and then started firing at the store.

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Customers and employees were screaming and diving for cover. Now, police have a suspect and the search is on for Brianna Garcia. “She has been identified. We think it’s linked to some other cases,” said APD Chief Medina.

According to the arrest warrant KRQE News 13 obtained, over the last week, police believe she pointed a gun at a loss prevention officer at a Walmart, fired a gun in the air after getting chased out of a different Walmart, and then dragged an officer with her car outside a Target while making her get away from him.

On Tuesday, police say Garcia ran from the Walmart after she was caught stealing, drove her blue Saturn in front of the store, and fired up to six rounds at the storefront. The crime is spurring renewed calls for the legislature to get tough on crime, tacking on five years when a gun is used in any crime.

“The second one we brought up were shoplifters who are leaving a location and when somebody goes to apprehend them, they brandish or use a firearm to get away,” said Medina.

Garcia is facing eight charges including shooting at a dwelling or occupied building. She’s been convicted of car theft charges twice in the past four years, she got probation the first time, a year and a half in jail the next time.