ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Officials with the Albuquerque Police Department gave an update Friday on a fatal July officer-involved shooting. The shooting took place at an apartment complex in northwest Albuquerque on Cibola Loop.

APD says on July 20, police responded to 43-year-old Wendel Tagle’s apartment for a domestic violence call. Police and a crisis management team talked to Tagle and his wife. Both were stressed about work and their finances, police say they had no reason to believe Tagle or his wife had any homicidal or suicidal thoughts and were in no danger. APD says the next day the couple started fighting again and Tagle grabbed his wife and strangled her. When she escaped and tried leaving the apartment Tangle grabbed her back into the apartment. Police say during this struggle a firearm discharged and Tagle’s wife was shot in the leg.

APD says she was able to escape and hide somewhere in the apartment complex. Tagle went looking for her, pointing the gun at other residents. Officers arrived and confronted Tagle, ordering him to drop the gun. One of the officers involved said Tagle pointed the gun towards him and that’s when he shot at Tagle, killing him. Police say a gun was found at Tagle’s feet when they approached him. Bullet casings were also found in the apartment and right outside the apartment.