ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Police have been looking for a suspected burglar for two years since he was let out of jail. Now the young man who’s accused of pulling off a wave of burglaries since then is finally back behind bars.

Back in 2017, Devon Roybal was 17 years old when police nabbed him for breaking into businesses in Old Town. Five years later, he’s back in jail, where police say he belongs. But first, he left a trail of destruction and ticked off victims.

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Almost two years ago, police say he hit a salon in Old Town with the same MO, removing an entire windowpane. The thief didn’t have gloves on, and he didn’t have them on when he hit four more businesses.

Police matched all those fingerprints with Roybal from his teenage arrest and his prints when they caught him in the act a couple of years ago at a running shoe store before he was let out of jail with the promise of behaving and showing up to court, two things he can’t seem to do.

After two years as a wanted man, Roybal was arrested Friday when he fell into APD’s lap. He was trespassing at an apartment complex, and the manager called the police on him. No word yet on when a judge will decide if he should stay behind bars until trial this time.