ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The city is coming out of yet another violent weekend. On Monday, Police Chief Harold Medina with the Albuquerque Police Department broke down where most murders in the metro are happening and more importantly, what APD is doing about it.

A series of shootings at parties and a constant crime problem at Albuquerque motels are keeping APD’s homicide unit busy. “Those are still some of the trends we’re seeing… number one parties, number two some hotels,” said Medina.

Over the weekend, three people were shot and killed, one of them at the Motel 6 off Avenida Cesar Chavez and I-25; a location already on APD’s radar. “There are three hotels that were Motel 6 within the cities and I was alarmed when I saw the numbers that the field provided me basically they were accounting for 3-6 service calls per day,” Medina said.

He says the city’s Adapt Program is already working with multiple Motel 6s to install crime preventing and tracking technology like security cameras and license plate readers.

This weekend’s violence follows several deadly shootings at Halloween parties all across the metro. Medina says APD is once again working on bringing back the ‘party patrol’ unit. “Two days a week, they work the parties but the other days of the week they work with our gun… GRVU… our gun unit that reduces crime,” Medina said.

Medina said one unit working on both of those issues will potentially help connect suspects to more than one crime. He says right now, they’ve identified one group of suspects involved in incidents at several different parties. “I don’t want to get into specific details but let’s see how that affects the parties and the shootings and then we can reassess,” Medina said.

As the city closes in on 100 homicides this year, Medina acknowledges violent crime numbers are concerning. “Right now, I would say, we’re in a canyon and it’s really dark. Hopefully, we’ll make our way back up to the peak to the sunlight,” Medina said.

However, Medina maintains property crime is moving in the right direction and most homicide victims are living what he calls a ‘high-risk’ lifestyle. “It’s not about blaming victims, it’s about educating the rest of the community so that they can have that peace. One of our mission statements is reducing crime and the fear of crime,” Medina said.

As of now, APD has not made any arrests connected to this weekend’s homicides.